Our Mission

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From the very beginning, the mission of Dachshunds Unlimited has been twofold. Our first goal is to breed the highest quality purebred Miniature Dachshunds who will be not only intelligent, beautiful, good-tempered, and healthy but also will live long and happy lives.

Our second goal, which we feel is the most important part of Dachshunds Unlimited's mission, is to find the right individuals who will provide our precious puppies with love, appreciation, tender loving care, and a safe, happy forever home.

Dachshunds Unlimited's   AKC Logan, AKC Brooklyn, AKC Frost, and AKC Shiloh

Dachshunds Unlimited's AKC Logan, AKC Brooklyn, AKC Frost, and AKC Shiloh

Discover the Benefits of Experience, Love, and TLC

As an experienced, professional breeder of Miniature Dachshunds, we have taken the time and care needed to study the pedigrees, dispositions, and health history of our AKC registered breeding pairs to help ensure that our puppies will not only be true to the breed but also live a long life without major health issues.

Dachshunds Unlimited is also a certified AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. breeder, and we ensure that our breeding pairs receive regular health testing, and our facilities are also regularly inspected by the AKC. We always pass with 100% compliance.

From the moment they are born until their adoption day, our puppies live alongside us as well as their mothers, and all are dearly loved. Susie and her granddaughter, Gabby, work closely together to begin preliminary socialization and house training before your new puppy leaves our home for their forever home with you.